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You can view the live stream of your Network IP Camera without connecting to the camera's login page first. That way it is possible to embed the live video stream directly into your web page.

Basically you can find the solution in the source code of this very web page. This is the portion of the HTML code which embeds the live video. Simply copy and paste this code into your own web page.

Please pay special attention to the yellow text!

<APPLET CODE=LoadJpg.class ARCHIVE=loadjpg.jar name=NCApplet
CODEBASE = http://123.456.789.44/web/>
<param name=ImageTransferPort value=8080
<param name=HashingKey value=0>
<param name=ID value=guest>
<param name=PASSWORD value=guest>
<param name="VER_FLIP" value="0">
<param name="HOR_FLIP" value="0">

<param name="Timestamp" value="true">


The BLUE parameters have to be adjusted.

CODEBASE = http://123.456.789.44/web/>
Replace the IP Address 123.456.789.44 by the IP Address of your camera.

You can also put in the domain name of your camera.
CODEBASE = http://mycamera.dyndns.org/>

In case you have changed the default webserver port of the camera from "80" to something else, i.E. 82, the address would be:
CODEBASE = http://123.456.789.44:82/>
CODEBASE = http://mycamera.dyndns.org:82/>

Important Information about the two different versions of Network IP Camera!
The old camera (Barcode 550550, Firmware Version up to Version 0030-199) requires the following address:
CODEBASE = http://123.456.789.44/web/>

The current version (Barcode 550710) only works without the "/web/":
CODEBASE = http://123.456.789.44/>

<PARAM NAME=FPS VALUE=30> If you want to limit the bandwidth the camera uses you may reduce the value here. "30" refers to the maximum frame rate of 30 fps.
If you change that value to "2" then each visitor of your web page would only receive a maximum of 2 fps (frames per second).
Value "0.5" means: 1 frame every other second
Value "0.2" means: 1 frame every 5 seconds
Value "0.1" means: 1 frame every 10 seconds (example above)

<param name=ID value=guest> Username required to login. If you have disabled the guest account you will need to adjust the value here.

<param name=PASSWORD value=guest> Password required to login. If you have disabled or changed the guest account you will need to adjust the value here.

<param name=ImageTransferPort value=8080> Port 8080 is the default value. If you changed the image transfer port of your camera in the network settings you need to enter the new port number here. If you haven't changed anything you must leave the default value.
You have to make sure that the port is not being blocked by a firewall.

<param name="VER_FLIP" value="0"> Change this to value "1" in order to flip the image on your web page vertically.
<param name="HOR_FLIP" value="0"> Change this to value "1" in order to flip the image on your web page horizontally.


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